Mezcladora Mackie 16 Canales Con Estuche

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Mezcladora Mackie Cr1604-vlz Con Estuche

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Mezcladora mackie CR1604-VLZ


Incluye: Estuche rigido

Para reparación, no le sirven 6 canales: 4,6,7,8,14 y 15


Note: The CR1604-VLZ evolved to the 1604-VLZ PRO. The information contained here pertains to the lesser/discontinued product and is for reference only.

Mackie's CR1604-VLZ is a feature-packed update of what was already a feature-packed classic compact mixer. We collected all the comments from warranty cards sent in for the original CR-1604, and we listened to what our customers wanted. We designed the CR1604-VLZ with those comments in mind -- yet, we didn't let that advice go to our collective head.

All too many times a manufacturer forgets what made the first version of a product successful when it comes out with a "new improved" model. Our CR1604-VLZ maintains the original's sound quality, musical equalization, and rugged construction, and keeps intact the multi-configuration possibilities, too.

For one thing, the CR1604-VLZ is a true 4-bus mixer. With channel assigns to buses 1-2, 3-4, and main L-R, sub mixes are easy. How about sixteen (16!) high-headroom/low-noise mic preamps? OK. And the new trim control gain structure for both mic and line inputs allow the CR1604-VLZ to handle everything from ultra hot digital multitrack signals to the most timid of vocalists.

EQ-wise, the CR1604-VLZ is not only 3-band with 12kHz Hi and 80Hz Lo shelving EQ, its midrange equalization is sweepable from 100Hz to 8kHz. The low cut filter on every channel lets you cut unwanted low frequencies like mic thumps and stage noise with one push of a button. Your low frequency EQ needs can now be met with Lo shelving EQ (rather than using the low EQ to do what the low cut filter was meant to do in the first place).

  1. Tabletop, jacks to top (as shipped)
  2. Tabletop, jacks to front (with optional RotoPod-VLZ kit)
  3. Rackmount, jacks to top (short rackrails supplied)
  4. Rackmount, jacks to back (short rackrails supplied)
  5. Rackmount, jacks to front (rackrails included with optional RotoPod-VLZ kit)

  • Inserts on every channel
  • 60mm log-taper faders
  • Built-in Power Suppy
  • -20dB signal present LED that doubles as a solo indicator
  • Control Room outputs
  • Mono output volume control
  • AFL/PFL solo for easy level setting and panning adjustments
  • Aux Send 1 & 2 master controls with individual solo switches and LEDs
  • Effects Return to Monitor controls for Aux Sends 1-2
  • Control Room/Phones source matrix for selecting any combination of Tape, Subs 1-2, Subs 3-4, and Main Mix sources
  • Tape Input level control
  • Tape to Main Mix switch
  • Multi-configuration for easy rackmounting and tabletop setups


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