Shiatsu Bc-21a Silla Reclinable Con Masaje

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Shiatsu Bc-21a Silla Reclinable Con Masaje

U$S 1,99900

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Have you ever wanted to return from work and just relax while having a full body massage? Even once a week? Well, YOU CAN HAVE IT DAILY!!!, 24 hrs. a day, while doing what ever fits better to you at that time.


This luxury chair is fitted up with 1 set of Massage Heads on the upper back (for Neck & Shoulders), and 1 set of Roller Discs for the Middle and Lower back (Middle, Low Back & Waist).

This set of Roller Discs TRAVEL Up and Down through the Middle and Low Back areas, around 20 inches Rollers Stroke.

The New Upgraded Remote Control shows the massage functions, massage locations, timing, etc.

The "Neck Auto" Function comes with AUTO and On/Off Functions.

The "Neck" Function allows to change the direction of the Kneading massage on the Neck and Shoulders.

The "Whole" Back Massage Function is for the Rollers to travel all the way up and down through the entire back.

The "Neck/Shoulders" Function is for the Rollers to massage the Upper/Middle part of the back.

The "Back/Waist" Function is for the Rollers to massage the Low/Middle part of the back.

The "Up/Down" Function can adjust the "Length" of the Rollers Stroke while using the "Neck/Shoulders" and Back/Waist" Functions. It can adjust as short as around 3 inches and as long as around 10 inches.

The "Timing" Function comes with 3 different Timings to choose (10 min, 20 min and 30 min)Speeds to choose.

The "Seat" comes built with 2 airbags to massage thighs and buttocks.

The "Legs" (Shows "Waist", a mistake during the printing of the remote control front cover) comes built with 10 airbags to massage calves and feet.

The CALF MASSAGER can be adjusted to different positioning, as well as the BACK RECLINER, using the Knobs on the sides of the chair.

This Chair Features different massage mechanisms, as listed below:

a) Kneading: Reduces muscle pain and works out knots.

b) Shiatsu Results: Power rollers are used to give you the experience provided by masseurs, relaxing muscle stress, reducing fatigue and rejuvenating the mind and body.

c) Compression and Percussion: Improves flexibity, mobility and posture of the legs.

d) Chop Action Tapping and Flapping: Reduces soreness and ache fasten, relax stiff muscles and soften thick layers of fatty deposits, stimulate nerves and stressed muscles.

Also, additionally, this chair provides:

- “S” Type Ergonomic Straight chair back with 1 layers backpad.

- Air Massage on calves (the feet can be massaged as well if the calves massager is positioned all the way up, and the legs bent up).

- Multi-posture under horizontal reclining, up to 160 degrees to promote the better blood circulation.

- Adopted Advanced Computer Chip and Digital Control Technology.

- Quiet, noise-less motors to improve the relaxation.

- 320 lbs. weight capacity.

- Manufacturer Certificacions: ISO 9001 and CE.



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