Radio Futaba 6ex 6-channel 2.4ghz Air W/4 S3004 Servos Avion

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Name:Futaba 6EX 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter/Receiver
Standard Programming Features:
  • Trainer function-transmitter can be master or student, compatible with other Futaba systems
  • Six model memory
  • Servo reversing
  • End point adjustment
  • Airplane or heli programming
  • Dual Rate /Exponential for ailerons, rudder and elevator
  • Fail Safe-safety throttle setting in case of transmitter signal loss
  • Battery Fail Safe-safety throttle setting in case of signal loss
  • Stick Mode-Choose from Mode 1-Mode-4
  • Changeable Throttle Stick-ratchet for airplanes or smooth for helis
  • Adjustable Stick Length
Airplane Features:
  • Programmable Mixing (1 & 2) any two channels can be combined
  • Pre-Programmed Throttle Cut for safely shutting off engine
  • Wing mixing for flaperon, flap trim, V-tail and elevon
Helicopter Functions:
  • Three swashplate types
  • Five-Point Normal and Idle Up Throttle/Pitch Curves
  • Revo, Gyro and Swash to Throttle mixing
  • Swash AFR Adjustable Function Rate for use w/ 3S or 3E swash types

  • Futaba 6EX Transmitter
  • NT8F600B 9.6V 600mAh Transmitter Battery, FUTM1440
  • FBC-19B(4) Battery Charger, FUTM1830
  • R606FS Receiver, FUTL7635
  • Switch Harness-J Style Connector, FUTM4350
  • Neck Strap
  • Servos and receiver battery depending on type of aircraft
SPECS: Transmitter;
  • Power Supply: 9.6V
  • Current Drain: 170mA
SPECS: Receiver;
  • Size: 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.35" (40 x 27 x 9mm)
  • Power Requirement: 4.8 - 6V
  • Current Drain: 80mA (at no signal)
  • Weight: 0.35oz (10g) with case
  • 0.25oz (7g) without case

Before we go any further, let's take a closer look.

Upon opening the box, the transmitter is obviously the first thing that grabs your attention. The Tx has a nice ergonomic shape with all of the usual switches in all of the usual places. There's an easy-to-read LCD at the bottom with control buttons to either side. The only thing that deviates from our standard 72MHz box is the antenna, which is short (about 8") and it has a hinge to allow it to bend 90 degrees and swivel. The 90-degree bend is important for broadcasting on the 2.4GHz system, as the signal is considerably stronger from the side of the antenna than it is from the tip.

The manual goes into very good detail for setting up and programming the transmitter, and includes a flow chart in the back that really makes it easy to find your way around the programming features.

Ok, so much for the Tx. Now we come to the real gem - The Receiver.

My immediate reaction was, "Holy Cow" - Only I didn't say "Cow". The R606FS is beautiful! I have seen smaller receivers, but they have always seemed too delicate, and too difficult to plug servos into. The R606FS is smaller than most 6-channel receivers, yet it seems quite sturdy and the pins are easily accessible and well protected. And it's LIGHT! It weighs about the same as a large paper clip.

Another big difference in the antennas compared to what we are used to is their placement. The antennas must be placed away from each other, and if possible, at right angles to each other. Also, they should not be placed near metal or an electronic device, like an ESC. The manual shows a vague picture of the installation, but it says nothing about how they should be secured. I glued two pieces of Du-Bro inner pushrod tubing to the sides of the fuse, inserted the antennas, and taped them in place.

When 2.4GHz systems were first introduced to this sport, there was an issue with a slight time delay in their response. These systems were relegated to a "Park Flier Only" status due to this lag.

With this in mind, I tested the 6EX with a variety of servos from Standards, to High-Speed Digitals and found no perceivable lag whatsoever. Futaba's rapid response was excellent.

Where I work we have an expression, "New technology is great - When it works" meaning that often it doesn't. So how can we trust this "New Technology"? Truthfully, this technology is not new. Futaba has been using it for almost 15 years in their industrial radio control.

Industrial radio control, you ask? That's right. We know Futaba as one of the leading radio control manufacturers of model aircraft systems, but Futaba is also a huge name in factory automation, industrial RC, electronic displays and more, and has been since 1948. So it's no wonder they have finally brought their 2.4GHz technology to their hobby RC line in a system they call "FASST" (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology).

With their extensive background in 2.4Gig systems, here are some of the things Futaba's 6EX 2.4GHz brings to the party:

Continuous Channel Shifting. While other 2.4GHz radios lock onto one or two frequencies, the FASST system occupies each individual frequency for only 2 milliseconds before moving on, so interference is virtually impossible.

Pre-Vision. This sophisticated technology looks ahead for potential problems when scanning incoming data and applies error correction - resulting in a solid, impenetrable connection between you and your model.

Dual Antenna Diversity. By seamlessly selecting the best reception between two receiver antennas, the FASST system lets you fly with no fear of loss of signal, regardless of your aircraft's attitude.

Easy Link. The transmitter comes with a unique, permanent ID code that is preset at the factory. Pushing the Easy Link button locks the receiver to your transmitter using that code. It's the only code that it will recognize - and with over 134 million possible codes, there's no chance of a signal conflict.

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