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Sinceramente la bienvenida a visitar nuestra tienda, todos nuestros productos son una buena relación calidad-precio y rentable, cuando su cantidad de compras es inferior a 299 pesos, usted puede elegir otros productos en nuestra tienda junto con el carro de la compra de pago, los pedidos de más de 299 pesos de envío gratuito.

Deep Clean Your DevicesElectronic Cleaning Kit can effectively deep clean all your electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, TVs and more. It comes with a product organizer, large cleaning brush, screen cleaning cloth, dusting air blower, air blower extension short pole, accessory extension pole, screen cleaner, small stiff bristle brush, small soft bristle brush, shaft puller, card removal pin, key puller, small elbowed brush, headphone compartment cleaner lint header, headphone brush, cleaning nibs, soft bristle short brush, headphone charging compartment brush, camera screen brush, air blower extension long pole. It's compact so you can keep one in a drawer, one in your car or in your bag!

PROFESSIONAL KEYBOARD CLEANING KIT Retractable soft and stiff brushes for laptops and keyboards, while the mini high-density brushes are perfect for deep cleaning between the keys for cleaning between the flatter keys on laptops, and the metal needle tip gently removes any smudges between the keys Laptop keys and hinges. The Advanced Cleaning Kit provides all the tools you need to effectively clean fingerprints and other embedded dirt from the surface of your keyboard!

Screen Cleaning KitUse our recyclable cleaning spray and wipe with a round design 2mm thick and wide polished cleaning cloth that effectively absorbs stubborn stains with zero discoloration, zero streaks and no fibers coming off the screen. The high quality microfiber cloth is very soft and durable, avoid the risk of scratching your expensive new phone or laptop screen with an inexpensive screen cleaner set

The All-in-One Mini Soft Brush and Soft Plastic Lens Cleaning Pen are designed for DSLR screens, lenses and other delicate surfaces. Cleaning cloths are also provided. The flocked sponge is great for cleaning the charging case of your headphones, while the metal needle tip and high-density brush are perfect for cleaning the sound outlet holes on your earbuds. Keep your smartphone, camera lens, laptop, headphones and other electronic accessories clean!

Safer Turn off your computer and unplug it before cleaning. Be careful when using liquid cleaners. Follow the cleaning kit's manual to turn the laptop over and remove larger debris from the keyboard. Gently wipe the screen in one direction, avoiding circles and excessive force. Polish the surface with our dry microfiber cloth. When it comes to taking care of your favorite things, the Tassmpitor Screen Cleaning Kit will easily become your new favorite tool because it is so easy to use!

Dear Customer, After purchase, if there are any problems, faults, errors, etc. with our products, please contact us via the Free Marketplace Order Information so that we will get back to you within 24 hours to resolve any issues for you It is recommended that you do not open Mercado Libre CLAIMS If you make a claim through Mercado Libre, you must wait for the process to take the involved 10 working days. However, if you contact us directly, the issue will be resolved quickly and efficiently.
Once your purchase has been confirmed, we will not be able to make changes, but please do not forget that you can return the goods free of charge for whatever reason. You have 30 calendar days from the date of arrival of the goods to process it. To be returned, the product must be identical to the one you received. (Due to differences in monitor settings and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may differ slightly from the color shown in the picture.) Thank you!
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Es altamente valorado por su utilidad y calidad. Ofrece una amplia variedad de brochas que son suaves y efectivas, adecuadas para limpiar dispositivos sin causar daños. Además, es compacto y práctico, ideal para mantenimiento técnico de equipos electrónicos, destacando por su excelente relación calidadprecio.

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13 oct. 2023

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