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Ideal 22-Watt 115W BR40 Indoor CREE XTE LED Flood Light - 4300K Neutral White - Dimmable - 1740 Lumen - 90 Degree BR Flood - White Case

* IDEAL LED 22W = 115W BR40, True watt-equivalent brightness 1740 lm, 90 Deg Flood, Neutral White 4300K, Dimmable, 80 CRI, 120V, Medium base

* Beam 90 Degree = Wide light spread, Lower focus, Ideal for indoor wide-area ambient lighting in recessed can, track, & directional fixtures

* Top quality CREE XTE LED, OnSemi USA chip, Japanese electronics, Taiwan optics, Nano-tech heat dissipation coating & Patented pure aluminum heat sink

* 5yr No hassle (No hourly fine print) warranty, 43000hr, Low upkeep/heat, Lightweight, Instant-on, Quiet (No hum), Won't fade fabric/art, No UV/mercury

* Savings up to $89.61/yr/bulb at 24hr/day, Lifetime savings $439.89 & reduce 4646 lbs CO2 /43000hr, Operating cost $2.65/yr at 3hr/day, rate $0.11/kwh

* Remember to read our specifications; Thank you very much for the interest in our product, We hope you have an excellent day - Group Imppera.



* PRODUCT LENGTH: 15.49 in

* PRODUCT WIDTH: 11.99 in

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Foco Reflector Led Cree Ideal 22 W (115w) Br40, 1740 L?menes

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