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Kids Children Toddler Leash Backpack Modern And Lunch Box for Girl Under 3 Years
Tiempo de entrega: 10 - 15 Dias.

* Size:9.1in*5.1in*9.8in(L*W*H) ; Weight:ultra-light?design?,only 0.39lb

* COMFORT : The back of the backpack has three layers ,the first layer is breathable, The second layer is widened and can relieve stress, The third layer is shock-resistant. Material: oxford fabric, mild water proof,wear proof,stain resistant, stand wear and tear, comfortable hand feeling and environmental friendly.

* CONSTRUCTION : Shoulder strap with a lock buckle(it will be a chest strap),it can prevent the falling off during the intense exercise. There also has a leash preventing loss,you can use it to hook a ring that on the top of the bag, the other side can be fixed on your body. This toddler backpack also has bright color; it help the parents to find their children easily even they run very far.

* STYLE : This kids backpack is three dimensional?and it has four colors,for example,pink,red,dark blue,light blue,?it looks like a lovely little bear,Its capacity is high as a school bag and enough to put in?all of the school things for your children, like book, pencil-box and ipad, etc. If you go to travel or hiking, you also can pack the things that owned by your children, such as cup, snacks ,toy and lunch box etc.

* Children age and height range:under 36 months age or Height below 3.6 feet.

* Remember to read our specifications; Thank you very much for the interest in our product, We hope you have an excellent day - Group Imppera.



* PRODUCT LENGTH: 24.89 in

* PRODUCT WIDTH: 12.95 in



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Kids Children Toddler Leash Backpack Modern And Lonchera Par

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