Color:White Product Description The SmartLight Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp 50+ years of research to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers crafters and computer users. Natural Spectrum light makes visually demanding tasks easier to perform brings true colors to life reduces glare eyestrain and fatigue. Adjustable gooseneck focuses light exactly where needed. White Finish. From the Manufacturer Thanks to the Natural Spectrum illumination it provides, the SmartLight lets you work or study more productively. View larger.SmartLight: The Alternative to Conventional Illumination Not all light is created equal. Conventional illumination, because it draws its light from only a portion of the light spectrum, leaves the eye under-stimulated and working hard to process what it's seeing.Natural Spectrum Illumination Reduces Eye Fatigue The SmartLight uses Natural Spectrum illumination that accesses specific sections of the light spectrum and models characteristics of natural daylight. It's ideal for reading, working and performing other tasks, because it uses a particular mix of color and intensity that properly stimulates the eye and lets it work at optimal efficiency. It further improves visual performance by relaxing the pupil and reducing its size to ensure the right amount of light enters the eye. This improves visual clarity while reducing glare that causes eye fatigue. The result? You and your eyes are more relaxed, so you can work or study longer and be more productive.Built on More than 50 Years of Research The SmartLight is the product of more than 50 years of research to scientifically tune light to the needs of the human eye. At home, college or office, the SmartLight is a smart productivity tool.What's in the Box White SmartLight Productivity Lamp, bulb and instructions.SmartLight Productivity LampAt a Glance:Illumination models the best portions of natural daylight, so you see betterFlicker-free ballast reduces eyestrainFlexible goose neck puts light where you need itQuality construction for reliable performanceEnergy efficient 27-watt fluorescent illuminationOn-base on/off toggle switch Verilux Natural Spectrum light models a specific portion of natural light that provides better illumination with greater contrast and true color rendering. You'll see more clearly, with less fatigue and eyestrain, so you can stay focused to do what you do...and do it better. View larger. The SmartLight is a great choice for crafting and any other hobby or task that's better done in better light.View larger.Click to enlarge.Click to enlarge.Click for more information

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Verilux Smartlight The Lamp For Learning

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