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* Este producto viene desde China


1. Good ventilation, fast rot and good quality.

2. After continuous fermentation for about 1 month, it can be used immediately, and the humus is taken out from the bottom layer, which is convenient and quick.

3. The capacity is large, the bottom is taken, the fat pocket is convenient to take the fertilizer, and how much is used, which does not affect the new semi-finished kitchen fat added above, and can be used continuously.

4. Zipper at the lid for easy addition and good sealing, easy to remove at the bottom.

5. Improve the physical and chemical physiological state of soil.

6. Mix with soil of some proportion, can be used for flower bed, vegetable garden, lawn or etc.


Instructions for use:

l Special note: Please put it in a well-ventilated place on the courtyard and on the top floor farm. Soak a piece of coconut brick and dry it in the shade. For the first time, put the amount of 5 to 8 cm high to absorb the water. The soil can also be used.

l Set the food waste of at least 1/4 fermentation bags in three to seven days. First, put each plastic bag in the refrigerator or kitchen bag first, and then open the plastic bag after two or three bags. Buried together.

l After putting it in, sprinkle with em fermenting bacteria (the microbial flora used in this product is em highly concentrated strain, only need to add a small amount for each use, 8 wide mouth beverage bottle cap size, about 50 grams), sprinkle evenly, mix with wood or bricks after mixing to reduce odor and absorb moisture while preventing mites.

l Finally, use coconut or soil to bury all the kitchen waste. Then use the bricks to compact, compact and cover the top cover to make the fermentation.

l After 1-3 months of accumulation fermentation, it is judged by appearance, its structure is loose, it is brownish black, and it has no odor and has earthy aroma, which is used as the basis for composting and maturity.




Condition: 100% brand new

Capacity: 46 liters

Material: Environmentally friendly pe cloth


Diameter 34cm/13.3inch high 46cm/18.1inch


Package include: 

Compost bag*1



Please allow slight error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.

Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

Organic food, leafy vegetables, peels and foods, etc., drain the water as much as possible, and use larger size materials to cut and cut the volume to make it smaller, which can accelerate the decay, cut vegetables such as sprouts. The melon and fruit kitchen can be piled up for about 6 weeks. If the weeds, leaves, leaves and peels are too much, add a small amount of water after burying, the humidity will be corrupted, and the humidity will be kept at 60%.

After humus is used in planting flowers and vegetables, because of high fertilizer content, it is better to add two or three times more soil or other medium, and the cuttings or seedlings are four to six times higher.



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Bolsa De Compost Para Eliminación De Residuos De Fermento, H

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